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Effective safety training for gas hazards saves lives. Yet, until now, industry trainers have had to rely on placards, sticky notes and other unrealistic methods to prepare students and employees for potential life-threatening scenarios. LightsOn Safety Solutions has the answer.

Our Gas Monitor Simulator® uses wireless technology and portable handheld devices to simulate hazardous gas readings in real time, transforming training environments into realistic scenarios.

Gas Monitor Simulator

Gas Monitor Simulator®

The Gas Monitor Simulator® from LightsOn Safety Solutions is the first real-time tool that allows students to interpret gas readings accurately and realistically. Student responders see visual displays with real-time simulated hazardous gas readings and make tactical decisions based on those readings. Trainers are able to interact with students in the field, observe their reactions and observe that the students are interpreting readings accurately and effectively.

With this advanced yet simple solution, you can train anywhere you have access to a Wi-Fi network, using an iPhone, iPad or iPad touch.

Benefits of using the Gas Monitor Simulator:

  • Training without having to calibrate an expensive meter after each use during training
  • Real-time data logging of the incident – each time a level is changed it is tracked per student
  • Real-time scenario creation – less than one second delay in data transfer from instructor to student
  • Printed reports upon completion of each session, as well as archived sessions for later recall
  • Unlimited students per scenario connected to a single trainer’s device
  • 17 different gases to choose from when creating your own gas monitor
  • Real-time communication to an individual trainee during scenario


Hazmat ToolK.I.T.

Hazmat ToolK.I.T.

The Hazmat ToolK.I.T.© is a groundbreaking invention designed to transformhazmat training into an interactive and immersive experience. This innovative tool leverages simulation technology to enhance the effectiveness of hazmat trainers and equip trainees with real-world skills.

Simulated Training Environment:

Hazmat trainers can easily create lifelike training scenarios using an interactive map interface. Within this environment, trainers draw shapes to define specific areas and assign values that mimic normal readings found on detection devices commonly used in hazmat situations.

Mobile Compatibility:

Trainees can access these tailored training scenarios directly on their mobile devices. This feature ensures that learning can take place on the go, making it convenient and accessible for individuals in the field.

Realistic Location Tracking:

The Hazmat ToolK.I.T.© includes a sophisticated location tracking system. Every trainee’s GPS location is tracked and transmitted to a database known as “LightsOn Live©“. Trainers can access a dashboard of trainees, allowing them to monitor trainee movements based on their movements. This feature provides trainers with a real-time view of trainee locations within the training scenario, enhancing the immersive learning experience.

In conclusion, the Hazmat ToolK.I.T.© is a game-changing simulator that empowers hazmat trainers and trainees with cutting-edge technology for immersive and practical training. With its competitive pricing, scenario sharing capabilities, and upcoming sensor expansion, this innovative tool is poised to revolutionize hazmat training and improve preparedness for hazardous materials incidents across the industry.

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Draw and Edit Plume Levels

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Trainee’s Choose Their Scenario

Devices Act in Real-time via GPS

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